Mastering the Online Shopper Experience

Who will benefit from this ecommerce course?

Shopify and other "off-the-shelf" retail platform users

With so many new online retailers adopting the amazing off-the-shelf solutions from suppliers such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc, many sites are looking very similar. This course will help you stand out even if you use the most popular templates. 

Physical retailers moving to online for the first time

Through necessity, Covid has accelerated the adoption of online solutions by many retailers who previously only operated in physical environments. This course will help those retailers understand how to use their existing skills in the online environment and arm them with a range of new skills to ensure online success.

Online retailers who are looking to fast-track their growth

Unfortunately, the old adage of “build it and they will come” does not work in the online world. This course will help you understand the levers you can pull to build awareness and engagement and maximise repeat business.

Online retailers who are looking to build community

In the online world, there is no such thing as “loyalty”. Shoppers are only a click away from visiting your competitors. So how do you discourage your shoppers from doing that? By building community. In this course, Kevin shares a variety of ways to do that using real-world stories that show how successful that approach has been for some of the businesses he’s involved in, including Hobby Warehouse and Toys R Us ANZ. 

Anyone who is considering setting up a business online

If you’re just starting to consider the feasibility of setting up an online business for the first time, you will find this course indispensable research. It will guide you to many of the best resources and tools that are out there and will help you map out an online strategy to ensure, if you do make the leap, that you are set up for success from the outset. 

Kevin Moore, The Road to Retail

Learn from THE renowned expert in online shopper experience

Join international retail marketing and sales expert, Kevin Moore, as he  shares the shopper experience techniques he’s applied to successful online retailers including the re-birthed Toys R Us in Australia and New Zealand, a business he now Chairs.

Kevin will help you understand the four things that shoppers want from any online retail site and will explain in-depth the 12 elements you MUST get right if you want to provide an excellent online shopper experience to your shoppers.

And why is the online shopper experience so important to master? Because if you get it right, your shoppers will linger longer, buy more and tell their friends and family about your online offering. It will also ensure your online offering stands out from the crowd.

So, if you’re an online retailer, don’t miss this opportunity to tap into proven ways to build your online business success!

So what does the ECommerce course look like? Here's the first module...

TAP Into Years of Experience

Kevin has built a number of companies and until recently was the Chairman and former CEO of a 2,000+ employee retail marketing agency. For over 25 years, Kevin has been helping international and national companies to master the shopper experience, both in physical and online stores. This is your chance to tap into that unique experience.

Real World Examples

With over 3 hours of video content plus online tours of a range of online sites - this course is filled with compelling content to help you understand how to master the online shopper experience for your business. Kevin also "pulls back the curtains" to show you the secret sauce behind the online shopper experience projects Kevin has been involved in, including the successful growth of Toys R Us and Hobby Warehouse in Australia/NZ from a small hobby site to a multi-million dollar publicly listed company.


01 The Road to Online Retail

Includes Kevin’s story working with leading Australian hobby website, Hobby Warehouse and how they took their learnings from building that site to the rebirthing of Toys R Us in Australia and New Zealand as a very successful pure online player.

02 Transitioning the best of physical to online retail

In this section, Kevin discusses some of the key ingredients that create a great shopper experience in the physical retail world and explores how to bring some of those elements into the online world to enrich your site and help you stand out from the crowd.

03 What Shoppers Want

In this section, Kevin covers the four key elements that every online retailer needs to focus on. And it’s not just price!

04 Mobile First

Kevin shares his insights into why it’s essential that you think of “mobile first” when building a successful online business.

05 The 12 Essentials You MUST Get Right Online

In this section, the body of the course, Kevin goes through the 12 elements that are essential to master if you are going to provide a compelling shopper experience on your site. The 12 cover everything from feel and values to baskets and how to build them to ways to trade profitably with sub $30 items. There’s a lot of compelling insights in these 12 that are the result of Kevin’s first-hand experience in growing successful online businesses that have managed to stand out through the compelling shopper experience they’ve mastered. 

Kevin Moore outlines the 12 shopper experience essentials to get right online

06 Leveraging Social Media

In this section, Kevin covers the four key elements that every online retailer needs to focus on. And it’s not just price!

07 The Importance of Electronic Communication

Here, Kevin discusses using electronic direct marketing, text messages, etc and shares his experience in how to use them effectively.

08 Embracing the Marketplaces

Many online retailers regard the marketplaces, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc, as competitors. In fact, they are a fantastic marketing opportunity for your business. Kevin explains how to leverage the opportunities they present. 


  • Shop like a shopper – Kevin guides you through ways to assess your site, and your competitors, through the shopper’s eyes.
  • Additional segments on raising awareness and engagement.
  • Access to our student Facebook Group, plus lots more coming soon. 

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Mastering the Online Shopper Experience
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  • 3+ hours of video content to help you master the shopper experience.
  • Learn the four things that shoppers want from an online retailer.
  • Learn the 12 essentials you MUST get right in order to provide a standout shopper experience online.
  • Tap into Kevin's real-world experience with examples showing how he uses the shopper experience to help build online businesses such as Toys R Us in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Learn how to "shop like a shopper" to understand how you can improve your site.
  • Become part of our student-only Facebook group where you can share your experiences with other like-minded online retailers.
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